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About Our Capital 

In 1982, His Thousand Hills began to provide campers, retreat guests, and the local community

with opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship, and fun in the beauty and quietness of God's

creation. Would you consider celebrating our milestone anniversary by giving a gift

toward one-time capital needs to better fulfill this mission in the years ahead?

In 2022, His Thousand Hills (HTH) celebrated 40 years of providing Christian camping and retreats,

along with other community activities for our local area. Many ministries and changes to the HTH

facilities have taken place since 1982, and we are most thankful for God’s provision of dedicated staff and generous supporters over the years.

In 2022, HTH reached an agreement to host a new gap year ministry program, called Planted

(, which is using portions of the camp from late August through early May.

Planted has also brought much needed staff to live at HTH that will assist HTH in hosting its normal

camps, retreats, and other community events. Planted has made a significant financial investment in HTH facilities as well – highlighted by a new farm animal barn and complete inside renovations to three of our five A-frame cabins (new walls, flooring, insulation, electrical wiring, ceiling, windows and heating and air conditioning system). HTH looks forward to Planted’s additional ministry here, which will only enhance HTH’s ongoing retreat and camp activities, as well as other community events.

We believe God has now given us a unique opportunity to complete and finalize the upgrades of all five of our A-Frame cabins (built in the sixties) and other important facility upgrades. These projects will prepare our facilities for ministries and community events for years to come here at HTH. The HTH Board of Directors recently approved a 2023 capital campaign to raise $100,000 so that we could seek funds to complete these projects.

Financially speaking, HTH has been debt free since 2018. In recent years, the HTH operating budget has essentially been a break-even scenario in which basic operating and maintenance expenses are paid with little left over for capital

improvements or major maintenance projects. Funding for specific capital improvements has been provided by generous donors and local area foundation grants. Those funds along with many volunteer hours has allowed HTH to continually upgrade its facilities. In 2022, in addition to the Planted improvements, HTH was able to utilize grant funds to purchase new bunk beds and mattresses for all the A-frame cabins, purchase a 12’ x 40’ storage barn and renovate our Phippen snack bar / lounge area with new windows, doors, lighting and a new gas stove.

Although, there are many more capital

projects and improvements that could be done at HTH, we are hopeful that this capital campaign will allow us to complete the more critical projects.

Thank you for your consideration. Any and all amounts contributed will be greatly appreciated!


Our donor goals for this campaign are 50 @ $500 – 25 @ $1000 – 6 @ $2500 - 6 @ $5000 or more.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rob or Brian.


His Thousand Hills Inc is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and contributions

are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. All contributors and contribution amounts will remain confidential unless requested otherwise.

Checks may be sent to:

His Thousand Hills Inc.

458 Phippen Road,

Wellsboro, Pa. 16901.

About Our Campaign Projects.


Three of the five A-frame cabins (built in sixties) were completely gutted and remodeled inside last summer by Planted with many volunteer labor hours. Renovations for each cabin included new ash wood walls & ceilings, new insulation in floors -sidewalls - ceilings, new vinyl plank

floors, new heating – air conditioning system, new wiring, added one new window for additional natural daylight. Along with this, grant monies from area foundations helped purchase new bunk beds, mattresses and furniture. The ash wood for ceilings and walls were donated by local lumber company. Our # 1 goal is to complete the inside renovations to the two remaining cabins like we did for the first three cabins. We already have the ash wood for side walls as well as the new bunk beds and furniture for the two remaining cabins.


In addition, the roofs of all 5 A-frame cabins need to be replaced. 

If sufficient capital campaign funds allow, HTH would like to complete the total inside and outside renovations of the A-frame cabins by replacing the roofs as well as the outside decks on all five cabins.

Stone Chapel Porch

Large groups meet in the bottom of the Lodge, which is called the “Stone Chapel” because of the hand laid stone walls.

The Stone Chapel can hold groups of up to 90 and is equipped with audio visual equipment suitable for lectures, worship, concerts and showing movies. The best access is from the back porch which is in poor repair and does not allow for easy access for handicapped individuals. Our insurance company has recently earmarked this area as a potential hazard that needs to be fixed. Funds raised would be used to replace the loose stone floor with reinforced, stamped concrete with better accessibility for handicapped individuals.


New Bunk Beds for Phippen Bunkroom

Current Bunk Beds in Phippen are dated and do not have all the safety features desired. With the incident at the Little League World Series this year, where a player sustained a serious injury from a fall from his bunk bed, HTH is committed to make all bunk beds safety compliant to current standards. HTH has already purchased new bunk beds for all A-frame cabins and Renewal Center bunk room. 10 new bunk beds in Phippen bunk room would complete our bunk bed upgrade in all our lodging facilities.


Upgrade Staff Housing

Roof and Modifications to Entry Way to Basement Apartment

Currently this entry way is used as the primary entrance to the staff basement housing of the Big House. With no roof

overhead and steep concrete steps, the entry way is not user friendly and can be unsafe at times with winter weather.

A new roof and modifications of entry way steps would improve access and safety for staff.


Replacement Windows in the upstairs of Staff House

A staff house that was built in the 1970’s has only single pane windows, leading to elevated heating costs and a chilly

living environment. Modern replacement windows would reduce utility costs as well as improving comfort.


His Thousand Hills has continued to make improvements to its facilities throughout its existence of 40 years. Special emphasis the last 4 plus years have been to upgrade all guest lodging spaces, our on-site staff housing and other buildings. God has been faithful with much being accomplished through donors, foundations and many volunteers.

Although this $100,000 capital campaign will not cover all the projects that could be done at HTH, it will allow HTH to cover the most critical and beneficial ones for guest and staff satisfaction.

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