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The Way Family Camp

It was wonderful to host this age integrated family retreat!

We had a fantastic time hosting The Way Church's Family Camp here at His Thousand Hills last weekend! What an amazing group of people!

We had so much fun with them, seeing their love for each other, and watching them enjoy using our camp for their event!

They had a full weekend of worship meetings, discipleship training times, and lots of fun activities for the whole family - from potato sack races, to tug-of-war, water bucket relays...and they even got up to the zip-line..........just as it decided to down-pour! Fortunately, our gym provided an awesome "Plan B", and everyone was quite content to enjoy our bungee run, and a good game of basketball!

We are so glad they stayed with us, and not only hope to host their group again, but would LOVE to see even more church groups with families of all ages come out and enjoy some bonding time and discipleship on our beautiful hill!

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