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Camp Update - Renewed Vision...

Dear Friends,

We would like to provide with you with this update on the ministries at HIS Thousand Hills. Right now we are busy preparing the facilities for the upcoming summer camps which start the last week in June and continue thru the 3rd week of August. We will be hosting a total of eight different summer camp groups this year.

Many changes have taken place in the last six months at HTH. The HTH Board of Directors felt led to make staffing and other changes in the best interest of the future ministries here at HTH. This transition has given us an opportunity to prayerfully reflect on where the camp has been in the past and to seek God’s guidance on the future mission and vision of HTH.

HTH’s CURRENT MISSION STATEMENT His Thousand Hills (HTH) exists to glorify God by partnering with churches and individuals to provide gospel centered retreats, camps, conferences and activities that support church ministries, as well as our local community, for the primary purpose of helping people of all ages find Jesus Christ and grow in their faith.

HTH’s CURRENT VISION STATEMENT We will provide Christ-honoring experiences through the beauty and quietness of God’s creation, our friendly hospitality, opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship and fun in the safe comfort of our facilities.

One major focus change is that HTH wants to become a better resource for the churches of the local and regional area. In addition, we will reach out to the local community in general to utilize our facilities for their benefit. This may mean that, in addition to hosting our four-season camps and retreats, we can host and encourage shorter term activities and events such as day camps, conferences / seminars and after-school programs. Being located less than 10 minutes from downtown Wellsboro makes HTH an ideal location for activities / events that don’t involve overnight stays or even meals, while providing privacy and God’s glorious outdoor vistas.

All needed changes will take time. Currently we are moving forward by cleaning and preparing the facilities here and by stabilizing the camp operations with short term staffing for the upcoming summer camps. We are utilizing an active Board of Directors, as well as many volunteers and a small staff who are covering office functions, cooking, maintenance, and landscaping. Bob and Judy Amaral, Spencer Hagy and others had previously left HTH, but have returned to serve God and help us through this transition. We have also selected a host family, Ben and Michelle Polczynski, who are currently living on site and serving as a point of contact for HTH guests and visitors in addition to other camp operational duties. We will continue to look for an Executive Director and other long term staffing as we move forward.

At the end of May, HTH was privileged to host a college ministry group called Campus 180 which included seventy-seven students/leaders from various colleges throughout the northeast US. Their worship and praise sessions along with Bible teaching workshops, personal time with God and small group meetings gave us a refreshing reminder of how God can use HIS beautiful outdoor setting and facilities at HTH for HIS glory. The good news is that the group was very pleased with their spiritual, camping and outdoor experiences at HTH, as well as the facilities and staff. They want to return next year and bring more students – Praise God!

Thank you for being a valuable partner of the ministries of HTH. Your continued prayers and your financial support are greatly appreciated and needed. We serve a great God and despite our inadequacies, HE provides for HIS ministries in ways that continue to amaze us. There is still much to do at HTH but we take one step at a time trusting God to provide and to direct our path according to HIS will.

In Christ Alone,

Interim HTH Management Team – Brian Canfield – Eric Husted – Steven Weeks – David Polczynski

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