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God is Doing Amazing Things!

It was amazing seeing young leaders come together and serve each other.

In May, at the Campus 180 retreat, my wife and I got a firsthand experience of Christian camp life at His Thousand Hills as we helped fill in as camp hosts and cooks. In a world with so many troubled youths, filled with so much hate and division it was so inspiring to see a group of young adults come together with one common goal... to love Jesus, to learn more about Him, and share that love with one another. I can’t even begin to express the feeling of unity, and the presence of God all about the camp that week.

As we arrived early in the morning to start breakfast, we were greeted with the most amazing view of the fog rising up over the mountains and the sun peeking through the mist. The young adults would be sitting all around the property having their morning quiet time with the Lord.

In the evening after a long exhausting day, we would take time to sit up on the picnic tables overlooking the pavilion where they were having their evening worship service and, hearing them worship in song, we would have our own quiet time and thank God for allowing us to be a part of this awesome experience.

As the sun was setting back down over the beautiful mountains and the spot light came on illuminating the cross by the pond, the most amazing and memorable moment was seeing a young man on his knees at the foot of the cross praying. God is doing amazing things at “His Thousand Hills” and we are so blessed to be a part of it.

~Steve & Lesia Weeks

(Steve currently serves on the Board at His Thousand Hills)

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